No matter what retail business, we’ve made energy management easy

The business case

Have more time

Energy data is automatically analysed for you. This means you can focus on running your business and review your data when its convenient.  

Maximise productivity

Monitor energy usage and see if this correlates to product output. Be able to avoid missed sales opportunities by identifying areas where productivity could be improved.  

Engage staff

AEMS translates energy data into information that all staff can understand. Bitesize energy reports and visualisation of usage makes it simple for everyone   


Compare stores

Easily benchmark your business against other sites in your estate. Identify the largest consumers to compare the impact this may be having on total consumption. 

Customer success stories

Discover how retail businesses are benefitting from our solutions

Reduce waste

Pinpoint when and where energy is wasted to help reduce overheads and improve efficiencies.  

Informed decisions

Be able to recognise where investment into energy efficient measures needs to be made.  

Green branding

Demonstrate to customers and staff that your business is environmentally responsible.  

“The energy reports were really interesting; they added a new perspective to the stores and gave me lots to think about.”

Secretary, Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society


Sustainability for retail businesses

Healthy profits are key to any business and so making savings on energy should not be a priority. This includes any size of retail operation, where lighting, heating, ventilation and refrigeration all add hugely to energy costs.


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