AEMS is helping small and independent businesses across the UK to change the way they use and view their energy. We have been working with businesses to guide them through the installation process and give them access to the tool. Here’s how it has helped a manufacturing business with energy management…


Red Dot is gaining a better understanding of the role energy plays within their manufacturing processes.

Red Dot Corporation produces premium heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units and components for a wide range of heavy duty off-road vehicles. They are a global supplier to a wide range of markets including, construction, agriculture, military, and trucking industries.


Visibility of energy usage across production line and insight into operational processes.

AEMS is helping Red Dot to better understand energy usage across the different HVAC manufacturing processes. As a result of zone monitoring, AEMS has provided Red Dot with greater visibility of how specific machinery within their process contribute to the overall energy consumption of the business.

The AEMS zone monitoring analytics identified how much energy is being consumed by specific machinery in the manufacturing process. Hot water tanks that degrease and prepare the metal surface prior to powder coating were monitored for over a month, in this time they contributed 25% to the overall energy consumption.

“Now I have data, I can see how much energy the tanks currently consume. They get switched off at the end of the week and are on an automatic timer to switch back on Sunday afternoon. I am interested in changing the process so they operate using their temperature controller and seeing if this makes a difference to the energy they then use. I can use the AEMS trends to check whether this has made any impact.”

IT & Facilities Manager, Red Dot Corporation


Managing energy beyond the bill and lack of visibility on the factory floor is challenging.

Red Dot were looking to gain a deeper understanding of how much energy they consume once production is underway. The company had no means apart from looking at their monthly energy bill to visualise energy usage. Particularly interested in improving productivity and energy efficiency they were keen to make changes to their operational process but had no way of checking whether new changes would make a positive impact on their overall business performance and consumption.

As a company, they have made some minor changes to infrastructure and lighting to become more energy efficient and now want to apply this to their manufacturing processes so they can work smarter.


Identifying areas for behaviour change, and monitoring progress with AEMS.

Visualisation of energy usage across the manufacturing process has enabled Red Dot the opportunity to trial new ways of working and easily monitor the impact this may have on their total consumption. Thanks to the AEMS zone monitoring, they are able to gain insight into how the manufacturing line and specific machinery is operating. As a result, they can make changes to their process and use AEMS to track progress.

“Without the raw data for that zone I couldn’t check whether changes to processes make a difference. So being able to use AEMS and view my data, I can have more visibility and control to try out some new processes to see if it will make a difference.”

IT & Facilities Manager, Red Dot Corporation

The operating mode analytics allowed the facilities manager to understand how energy is split across business as usual activities and manufacturing. Highlighting the distribution of energy across operating modes helped them to see what the normal fuzz is and when usual activity starts and changes over the day.

“The usage report from the provider is too manual. Having the usage readily accessible on the dashboard automatically is really helpful. I can look at data that is already analysed and this saves me time, which is a good benefit.”

IT & Facilities Manager, Red Dot Corporation