Take control. Manage your energy and your business with AEMS

Using energy data to deliver insights you can act on

Make smart decisions with real-time data

Automated analysis

Your time is precious. AEMS automatically processes data so it is immediately available for your review. Stay focused on managing your business instead.

Gain visibility

Pinpoint peaks in activity and make sense of energy usage. See how much energy your using operations consume, through simple graphs and infographics.

Instant updates

Tailored monthly reports allow you to see at a glance, without digging into the detail your monthly stats and performance.

Easily benchmark

Find out if you are operating in line with similar businesses and make informed decisions about where investment is most required. 

Set manageable targets you can act on

Implement efficiency measures and monitor results to see if it has made a difference. Easily compare progress to see whether energy expenditure or productivity improves. 

View graphs to track usage

Identify peaks in daily activity and see what time they occurred.

Track day-to-day progress

Switch between different days and see how your business performed on days you missed.

Energy budget tracker

Help your business achieve energy goals by simply inputting or changing your daily target

Stay on top of business performance

Trends lets you see whether daily, monthly, and yearly energy targets were met. Access historical data to see how business operations compare to energy consumed.

Easy for everyone

Simple installation

Getting started is simple, with minimal disruption to your business. Different options are available depending on the type of energy management service required.

Increase staff-engagement

Confidently roll-out energy efficient measures that everyone can get on-board with.

Promote and grow your green business

Demonstrate to customers and shareholders that your company is environmentally responsible. Gain a competitive edge. 

Personalised hints and tips

Locate where energy is being used inefficiently and take steps to reduce waste using our personalised hints and tips derived straight from your data.

The App

Monitoring from anywhere at anytime

Keep an eye on your business whilst on the go. Receive alerts about unusual patterns of behaviour and be in the know before it starts costing time and money.


Data collection made easy

No data, no problem. We supply monitoring equipment built from proven and robust technology. 


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