Improve operational efficiency and the energy you’re using in the process.

The business case

Improve your bottom line

Energy bills are often considered as a fixed cost. By investing in energy management, you can see quickly how much your manufacturing processes consume and start to take action.  

Climate change targets

Much of the manufacturing sector is under pressure to meet new Climate Change obligations. Set manageable energy targets for your business to ensure they are met.  

Maximise productivity

Make changes to existing manufacturing processes and see whether energy usage and business productivity improves. 

Industry certifications

Utilise energy management to actively reduce carbon emissions and take a stance on climate change in order to meet standards such as ISO 14001 and 50001.

Customer success stories

Discover how manufacturers are benefitting from our solutions

Reduce energy consumption

Optimise operational processes and save time and money along the way.

Be more resilient

Protect your business against faulty machinery before it stops working.

Green branding

Can we change to Improve environmental reputation and overall corporate responsibility.

“Being able to use AEMS and view my data, I can have more visibility and control to try out some new processes to see if it will make a difference.”

IT & Facilities Manager, Red Dot Corporation


The importance of real-time data for businesses

Businesses are starting to utilise real time energy data and understand that it can help achieve energy savings and sustainability goals. 


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