Energy Management in Manufacturing

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Manufacturing businesses contribute a large portion to the total UK energy consumption. Better energy management and greater efficiency are therefore essential if manufacturing is to have positive environmental and cost saving impacts.


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Common areas for energy wastage

Although the manufacturing process is different across all business, there are some common areas where energy is wasted. Some of these common areas include industrial buildings (including space heating and lighting, compressed air, motor and drives, industrial process heating (including drying) and cooling.

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The business case for energy saving

Energy bills are often considered by manufacturing companies as a fixed cost, but this doesn’t have to be the case. By taking a proactive approach to energy, savings on cost and usage will soon have a positive effect on the bottom line.


In addition to saving costs, much of the manufacturing sector is under pressure to meet energy saving targets under new Climate Change obligations.

Improved energy efficiency can also help to benefit your environmental reputation. Environmental standards and certificates such as ISO 14001 and 50001 can be rewarded to businesses who are actively reducing their carbon emissions and taking a stance on climate change. Not to mention, it demonstrates a level of corporate responsibility.

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After working with a diverse range of manufacturing businesses, our team are experienced in helping users change the way they use and view their energy.

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Customer success story

Red Dot were looking to gain a deeper understanding of how much energy they consume once production is underway. The company had no means apart from looking at their monthly energy bill to visualise energy usage.

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