The importance of real-time energy data for businesses

Businesses are starting to utilise real time energy data and understand that it can help achieve energy savings and sustainability goals. Reduction in wasted energy, cost savings and increased reliability of data are some of the many benefits businesses can expect when using it.

In this article, we’ll share some of the advantages of integrating a real time energy management system, like AEMS, into your business.

Stop wasting time

Without access to real-time data you can’t accurately manage or monitor the energy being used in your business. Having real-time reports means you can see exactly where energy is being used and when, making it easier for you to highlight areas of inefficiency and unexpected usage. The AEMS energy budget tracker allows you to see exactly how near or far you are in kWh from reaching your target. Using the system, means you will have access to clear graphs that enable you to identify peaks in daily activity and see how usage is split across business operating modes. This means you will easily be able to track whether staff have been switching off equipment out of business hours, or even if timers for heaters and air conditioning units aren’t working properly.

Once costly and over usage areas are identified, you can develop action plans in your business, such as retraining of staff or implementing new policies. This is exactly what happened with one of our AEMS customers, who was made aware of machinery being left on when it didn’t need to be, and as a result was able to train staff to ensure there wouldn’t be any more unnecessary costs. This has helped them to not only save money and cut usage, but also reduce their carbon footprint. Click here to read the full story.

Engage employees

Real time energy management makes it easier to engage employees in achieving business goals and helps them to understand the results. Clear reports and alerts show direct results from their efforts that inspire them to do more, and encourage fellow colleagues to get on board. AEMS helped the Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society, who were looking to increase staff engagement in-store and gain greater visibility into how their estate uses energy. And, although the company had access to half-hourly energy consumption data, they needed AEMS real-time energy reports to better visualise their data so it was more accessible to staff.

The results found were that by having access to the reports, it made it easier for the customer to understand and engage with staff on the topic of energy management. Thanks to the analytics generated by AEMS the stores were able to gain greater insight into the way stores were operating and keep managers informed to ensure production was uniform across all of the sites.  Click here to read the full customer case study.

Automation of data

Automated real time data therefore increases reliability and improves the quality of information you provide to staff. It also means you no longer have to look back at historical information and identify anomalies that need following up, as AEMS system alerts you to any unusual behaviour as and when it happens so you can deal with it straight away. For example, AEMS sends notifications letting you know your business is operating out of the ordinary and using an unexpected amount of energy outside of business hours. This may indicate you have a faulty appliance, meaning you can replace it before it starts increasing your bills.

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