Local Authorities: How AEMS can help
communities tackle climate change

Are you responsible for managing the council’s non-housing property estate? Looking to improve low-carbon initiatives within your local authority?

More than half of the UK’s principal local authorities have declared a climate emergency in the last eight months. The impact of climate change is already being widely felt and action at a local and regional level is necessary if we are to reduce the risks of climate change. 

Local authorities have a vital part to play in delivering carbon emission reductions, particularly in transport but also in other areas such as buildings, energy, and waste.  Many have set net zero targets, with some declaring that they will reach net-zero by 2030 (Carbon Trust).  

Local authorities are helping organisations to implement energy efficiency measures, through energy audits, green funding, and independent expert advice. However, this can be intensive and getting businesses to sustain behaviour change is a challenge – This is where we come in.

How do we help?

Our energy solutions empower businesses in the control and management of energy usage. Using our tool businesses can engage with energy management which will not only help sustain behaviour change but help to achieve the communities low-carbon vision.

  • Provide businesses with a way to monitor the energy efficiency measures they have implemented
  • Be confident that businesses can act on advice and see instant results.
  • Monitor energy usage across council property estate and benchmark performance
  • Utilise intelligent analytics to develop and inform environmental strategy
  • Gain visibility of investment needs and strengthen local business networks
  • Offer grant funding and know that organisations have a visible way to realise carbon savings.  

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Looking to improve low carbon initiatives within your local community?

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