Hospitality and leisure

Monitor energy consumption and increase productivity within your hospitality business

The business case

Make smart decisions

See how your energy usage maps to business activity. Did you use more energy because you were busy or is energy being wasted somewhere? Make informed decisions.  

Engage staff

Tailored energy reports and understandable information makes it simple for everyone to get on-board with. No need for an energy manager with AEMS.     

Manage sites

Gain insight into how energy is used across all of your businesses. Implement energy efficiency measures incrementally and see whether this impacts your total consumption.  

Have more time

Energy data is automatically analysed for you. This means you can focus on running your business and review your data when it’s convenient.

Customer success stories

Discover how hospitality are benefitting from our solutions

Reduce energy consumption

Optimise operational processes and save time and money along the way. 

Be more resilient

Protect your business against faulty machinery before it stops working.

Green branding

Improve environmental reputation and overall corporate responsibility. 

“The tool has already changed the way I think about energy in my business.”

Independent Butcher


Sustainable hospitality: Top ways hospitality businesses can reduce their impact on the environment.

If the possibility of saving the planet and reducing your energy costs isn’t enough incentive, improving your customer proposition and competing with competitor’s green branding might be.


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