Energy saving for SME's

Energy saving for SME’s isn’t always easy. You can’t just switch equipment off because most of the time you need it on to operate. However, changing the way in which you think about energy and getting a handle on how your business uses it – is the first step!

AEMS takes you one step further than your energy bill, giving you visibility of the role energy plays within your business.

Set goals and objectives

Setting energy targets is a good starting point, as it allows you and your employees to work work towards a goal and share the same vision. having a target is all well and good but how can you measure this? The My AEMS Management System highlights your energy consumption so you can see clearly how much you have used daily and with real-time data.

The dashboard lets you set targets and you can view your progress towards them. This means that employees can keep track of their usage and take action when targets are close to being exceeded. The energy budget tracker helps you to monitor this by indicating the amount of energy being used. This helps you build up a picture of energy usage, as you can always see your progress and make changes to achieve your goals.

Update old and faulty appliances

Investing in newer energy efficient appliances or refitting your business can help realise energy savings in the medium to long term. However, knowing whether you are making the right decision or even proving the business case for investment can be tough.

It’s all about visibility. Being able to view your energy profile and seeing how energy is used over time can help to inform you. With My AEMS you get that visibility, as you can view energy consumption trends and compare these to business operations. See how energy usage splits across business operating modes, arming you with the intel that lets you dig further into business performance. Find out more about the AEMS features here.

If you have multiple businesses, why not compare them and see how sites that have had new appliances fitted fare to those sites requiring an upgrade. Building up your knowledge of your business makes you better informed to make those tricky business decisions.

Switch off unnecessary appliances 

We understand that you can’t switch off everything but businesses use so many appliances that consume electricity, adding to your costs. Where you can, switch off appliances such as PCs, laptops, printers, microwaves and kettles during weekends and holidays as these continue to draw power whilst they’re still plugged in. Switching off at the end of the day or making use of off-peak energy tariffs will also result in reduced energy usage and lower your bills.

My AEMS lets you monitor your business out-of-hours, that way you can keep an eye on activity, and be alerted to anything out of the ordinary. It makes highlighting unnecessary energy usage easier, so that you can switch off appliances and notify staff to switch them off too.

Change the way you do things

Every business has their own processes and ways of doing things but is there a more efficient way? It’s difficult to know, without having sight of your existing patterns. With the My AEMS system you can gain an understanding of these patterns and see what ‘normal’ looks like for your business. Trend data lets you compare energy usage and business operations. By identifying peaks in energy usage or unusual patterns of activity you can start to map this to business operations. Once you have seen the data, why not review your processes, speak to your staff, and take a look at what changes can be made.

My AEMS helped a butcher to identify high peaks of energy activity and with this data he was able to pinpoint that the processes within the businesses needed changing. Find out more here

Get staff on board

To ensure staff are on board with your energy goals, include them in your plans to reduce energy usage and encourage them to contribute ideas and take ownership of reducing costs. Holding brainstorming sessions can drive innovative ideas amongst your workforce and increase enthusiasm.