In 2015, the industry sector made up 17% of total UK energy consumption. For manufacturing businesses, energy accounted for up to 38% of costs- a significant contributor to a business’ bottom-line. Better energy management and greater efficiency in manufacturing are therefore going to have significant positive environmental and cost saving impacts.

Although the manufacturing sector is diverse, there are some common areas where energy is wasted. These include industrial buildings (including space heating and lighting), compressed air, motors and drives, industrial process heating (including drying) and cooling.

How is energy used in the manufacturing sector?

Why is AEMS the perfect energy management solution for the Food and Drink Sector?

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Molson Coors uses eSight as the solution to meet the energy management requirements of 14 brewing sites located globally. With eSight’s configuration flexibility, the brewing structure of Molson Coors can be accurately replicated and monitored within the software, and specific performance related analysis can be achieved with bespoke reports and tools such as Multi-Variable Linear Regression. The ability to set dashboards for different user types gives users access to only the information and level of detail they need.

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“The tool has already changed the way I think about energy in my business.” Independent Butcher

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