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AEMS Showcases at DISTRIBUTECH International

The DISTRIBUTECH International takes place on the 28-30th January in San Antonio, TX, at Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. It is one of the industry’s leading annual


Sustainable Hospitality: Top Ways Hospitality Businesses Can Reduce Their Impact On The Environment

The threat of climate change is real, which means hospitality businesses urgently need to rethink their approach. if the possibility of saving the planet


AND teams up with Centrica to deliver AEMS pilot to their non-domestic customers

Innovators AND Technology Research are thrilled to announce their latest partnership with Centrica, one of the UK’s leading multinational


How Can AEMS Help Those Responsible For Energy Management Within A Company?

Utilising machine learning algorithms, AEMS is a bespoke service that discovers energy consumption patterns across a

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How AEMS Can Help You?

Are you responsible for delivering innovative products that will disrupt the energy sector? Looking to increase uptake of your


AEMS is helping communities to tackle climate change and achieve zero-carbon goals

Are you responsible for managing the council’s non-housing property estate? Looking to improve low carbon

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AEMS Launches At EMEX 2019

The Energy Management Exhibition (EMEX) at the ExCel London, is one of the UK’s leading energy events for all professionals wanting a

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Save The Date For EMEX 2019

With the effects of climate change becoming more apparent, and a goal for the UK to be zero-carbon by 2050 , the pressure is mounting on


Sustainability For Retail Businesses

Where healthy profits are key to any business, making savings on energy costs should be a priority


The importance of real time energy data for businesses

Businesses are starting to utilise real time energy data and understand that it can help achieve energy savings and sustainability goals. Reduction in wasted energy


Energy saving for SME’s

Energy saving for SME’S isn’t always easy. You can’t just switch equipment off because most of the time you need it on to

Smart meter readings

Smart Meters For Businesses Explained

Smart meters measure how much gas or electricity you are using. Smart meters record energy usage regularly and automatically submit readings to your energy supplier

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