Manage your energy whilst on the go, from anywhere, at anytime

Monitor daily progress

View and monitor daily progress towards your energy target and see instantly how many kWh your business has consumed. Switch between different days and see how they compare.

View graphs to track usage

Understand how energy is being used in your business daily and identify peaks in activity to see how energy is consumed over a day.

Track energy usage to business operations

See how energy usage maps to your business operations. Understand how much energy is consumed across usual, unusual and background operating modes. View the log of events and check when an operating mode was entered.

Access to historical data

Trends lets you compare historical energy data so you can easily see whether energy targets were met. View weekly, monthly, and yearly data to see how you performed.

Compare business performance trends

Gain visibility of how energy usage is split across business operations. See how this compares between each week, month, and year.

Valuable business insight

View the insights feed and receive hints and tips on how to get the best from your My AEMS system. Personalised business insights derived straight from your very own data help you work towards energy targets and goals.

Get notifications and alerts

Notifications will pop up on your smartphone to alert you to unusual behaviour and consumption trends. This will give you a better understanding of what is happening in your business and keep you in control of your energy usage.


Data collection made easy

No data, no problem. We supply monitoring equipment built from proven and robust technology. 


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