AEMS Self Installation Guide.

Scroll through to see how to use the self installation kit.

AEMS Self Installation Guide

It’s time to start taking control of your energy usage.

Working directly with your smart meter, AEMS collects your energy data to undertake clever analytics. No need to worry if you don’t have a smart meter we also provide AEMS motoring equipment that lets you easily monitor energy usage.

Built from robust and proven technologies our little black box is easy to install. Simply attach the clamp, plug in the socket, boot up the system and you are ready to start taking control of your energy.

1) Set up your energy monitor

Locate your meter

  • Find your electricity meter.
  • Identify the input live wire. This will have a brown/red coating or an ‘L’ label on it.
  • Identify the closest wall socket to the meter.

Attach the clamp

  • Open the clamp and position around the live wire.
  • Close the clamp until a click is heard. Make sure the arrow mark on the clamp is pointing away from the meter.
  • Warning: Use caution when handling live wires; do not apply excessive force when installing the clamp.

Connect the energy monitor

  • Plug the cable from the clamp into the corresponding socket on the back of the energy monitor.

Turn your monitor on.

  • Connect the power supply to your energy monitor, plug it into a wall socket and switch on.
  • The light should turn green within 5 minutes.

2) Set up your voltage monitor

Plug the voltage monitor in

  • Plug the voltage monitor into a wall socket and switch on.
  • Check that the light begins to flash.
  • Light stops flashing and remains on within 5 minutes.

3) What’s next?

Collecting your data

  • We will collect your energy data over the next 4 weeks, after which you will be able to start viewing your energy results on our online dashboard. We will send you a reminder when it is time.