Your dashboard explained.

Scroll through to see how to use your dashboard.

Monitor performance with real time data

Use the energy tracker to see how near or far you are from reaching your energy targets. Monitor daily energy usage in kWh to see instantly when you are on target or over. Switch between different days using the calendar so that monitoring and catching up on day-to-day progress is easy.

View graphs to track usage

Understand how energy is being used in your business through clear graphs showing energy usage over a day. Identify peaks in daily activity and see how energy usage is split across usual, unusual and background operating modes. My AEMS keeps a log of events so you can see when an operating mode was entered.

Accessing your daily, weekly, and yearly trend data

Trends lets you compare historical energy data so you can easily see whether daily, monthly, and yearly energy targets were met. Choose between daily, weekly, and yearly view to see how you performed.

Insights delivered with hints and tips

View the insights feed and receive hints and tips on how to get the best from your My AEMS system. As well as receiving personalised business insights derived straight form your very own data.

Schedule learning

When you become a My AEMS user, we automatically learn patterns within your consumption data to produce your unique energy profiles. We then compare your consumption data to these energy profiles so that we can produce your results, trends, and insights. Depending on the time of year, weather, or a change in your behaviour new energy profiles may need to be learnt.

Access My AEMS from your PC or laptop

Simply login to the AEMS portal using your username and password.