A new way to manage your energy.

AEMS is a cutting-edge energy management system that helps you track, analyse, and monitor your business. Presented as an intuitive dashboard and mobile app, the system provides you a simple way to manage and control your energy. It is more than just energy monitoring – AEMS is an intelligent system that helps you to not only reduce your usage but also delivers tailored business insights.

Improve more than just your energy usage. Increase efficiency and drive growth.

Tracking your energy usage isn’t just about reducing your bills and decreasing your carbon footprint. It is about understanding how energy consumption can affect your overall business performance. AEMS provides insight into the day-to-day running of your business allowing you to realise the most efficient and productive way to work.

Backed by the UK government, AEMS is already helping SMEs all over the UK be more efficient.

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Machine learning to deliver tailored business insights.

Using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, AEMS learns patterns of behaviour to create tailored insights that are specific to your business. It can advise you on how to save energy, where and when it is being wasted, as well as bench-marking your performance against industry standards.

Stay one step ahead with timely alerts.

AEMS alerts you to unusual behaviour and consumption trends to help you gain a better understanding of what is normal for your business. Be alerted to faulty equipment before it stops working, know if something has been left on out of business hours, and see when your business is operating out of the ordinary.

Sets goals and budgets to help reduce waste.

Tracking and reducing your energy usage couldn’t be easier with AEMS. Simply set your energy target within the app or dashboard to track your progress daily. Go even further back over the last week, month or year to see how well you stayed on target. Get notifications when you are near or over your target to help you stay on track.